Classic 1000 Wood Heater

Heating up to 150m2 (15 squares), the traditional Classic 1000 by Kent Wood Heaters has been designed with efficiencies and built to release low emissions - A great value for money! The Classic 1000 comes complete with 5 years firebox warranty and 1 year warranty on all other components.

Classic 2000 Wood Heater

Heating up to 220m2 (22 squares), the Classic 2000 by Kent Wood Heaters is perfect for medium sized homes. Tested and compliant with Australian standards on particulate emission (AS 4013/99), power and efficiency (AS 4012/99), this convection heater is available in metallic black and comes complete with a factory fitted three (3) speed fan.

Compact Wood Heater

Despite a compact design, this radiant heater has the capacity to heat up to 150m2 or 15 squares and is ideal for smaller homes or as a second heater. Featuring a steel baffle with a 6mm firebrick lined firebox and covered by a 10 year firebox warranty, the Compact Wood Heater is available in a metallic black colour. A fitted trivet accessory is also included.

Country Classic Wood Heater

A generous sized convection heater with a stunning modern design, the Country Classic Wood Heater provides ample heat for all Australian homes. Heating up to 220m2 or 22 squares, this contemporary heater has a steel baffle with a 6mm firebrick lined firebox, large viewing window and optional three speed fan.

Evolution 4 Wood Heater

Whilst the smallest of the Evolution range, the Evolution 4 Wood Heater does not compromise on style or output. Heating up to 180m2 (18 squares), features include the Kent Wood Heaters clean burn technology, 6mm thick steel firebox with 10 years firebox warranty and factory fitted three speed fan.

Evolution 6 Wood Heater

The medium sized Evolution 6 Freestanding Wood Heater is ideal for heating medium and larger sized homes or up to 250m2 (25 squares). Approved to Australian standards on emissions, power and efficiency, this convection heater comes complete with its own factory fitted 3 speed fan, 10 years firebox warranty and a large viewing glass door for maximum fire view.

Evolution 8 Wood Heater

Designed for larger homes and heating up to 300m2 (30 squares), the Evolution 8 Freestanding Wood Heater (EV8) comes complete with an enormous firebox completed by an equally impressive viewing door that allows for a maximum fire view. Other features include ten (10) years firebox warranty, a steel baffle and a factory fitted three (3) speed fan for regulating heat.

Jindabyne Wood Heater

Ideal for those seeking an economically priced heater with maximum heat output, the Jindabyne Freestanding Wood Heater will warm up larger areas of up to 180m2 (18 squares). Available in a durable Ironbark finish, this classic radiant wood heater features a steel baffle with a 6mm firebrick lined firebox. The firebox comes with 10 years warranty. Also includes a large viewing window and fitted trivet accessory.

Somerset Wood Heater

Ideal for small to medium sized homes where floorspace is at a premium, the Somerset Wood Heater warms up to 180m2 (18 squares). With a peak output of up to 15kw, this wood heater is available in an Ironbark finish and features a steel baffle with a 6mm firebrick lined firebox. An optional variable speed electric fan can be discreetly attached to the back of the heater.